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Sunday, may 24th we resumed corporate worship in the sanctuary.

below you will find the announcement about moving back inside, which includes all the preparations we made, precautions we have taken, and any new procedures we have IMPLEMENTED.

We believe that we are ready to open up the church and come back together for corporate worship. We know that there will be people on both sides of the issue, and we would like to give you all the information and leave it up for you and your family to decide when “you” are ready. This letter is to give you what we have decided would be best for the church moving forward with leadership from our Governor, the Wesleyan Church, and the South Carolina District of the Wesleyan Church. Please know that this is being entered into with much prayer, thought, and consideration. We also know that all of these plans could change by the time you receive this letter. This is just the world we find ourselves in right now. So as you read this letter know that we have a plan and failing to plan is planning to fail. We won’t fail to plan, but we will know that plans can and will change.

So with that said, we will be opening our church up to live services in the sanctuary on Sunday, May 24th at 10:30 am. The following letter explains what’s been done up to this point, and our plans for moving forward. This is just phase 1, in re-opening and as we continue to progress we will keep you informed on phase 2 and what that will look like in the near future.

I would like to thank you for weathering what could have been a debilitating 8 weeks for our church. Faith church has been through so much in it’s history that we didn’t need another storm, but this church has not only risen to the occasion they have “Thrived” though the past 8 weeks. I would like to thank you for your faithfulness to God and to our church. Thank you for believing in me as a pastor and in your dedication to our church family! I am blessed to call this my church. (well it’s not my church, but you get what I mean! LOL). I’m so blessed to be your pastor! This is only the beginning we’ve got a LOT more to do so buckle up!!

God Bless,

Pastor Tom Holloway

I. Pre-Opening Procedures.

A. Cleaning/protection procedures - Coastal Surface Solutions is coming in on Saturday, May 16th to sanitize all surfaces/classrooms sanctuary/offices/bathrooms/etc.  This is a nano-shield – Anti-Microbial system that will give protection for up to 90 days.  If you would like more information on this please contact Pastor Tom.  The entire church is being disinfected, and cleaned after the people from C.S.S. come in.  Every effort will be made to not only clean the church prior to the 24th of May, but every week after to ensure your safety as well as we can.

II. Operating Protocol:

A. Resuming on Sunday, May 24th for our service inside the sanctuary at 10:30 am. We will be following the Governmental procedures for opening with the following guidelines:

  1. We will be offering a “Live” service inside the sanctuary while maintaining social distancing of 6 feet between family groups. Capacity is up to 50% of our allowed capacity which is 258. We have been averaging 100 people this past year, so we believe this will not be a problem.
  2. Our goal is to have a “Live Stream” inside our Faith Kids room for people who would like to have a room with children who could be busy because we are not allowed to have any “Children’s Ministry” at this point. We will keep everyone posted as we move forward.
  3. We will also have our “Nursery” available for anyone who is “Compromised” and would like further separation. This room could only hold 1 family, so please let Pastor Tom know if you would like this.
  4. We will also be having the audio of our service outside in speakers if you would like to come and listen from your car as you have been doing. Please be aware that this will only be the “Audio” or sound portion of the service.
  5. We will also continue our “Facebook Live” streaming as well as Pastor Tom uploading the music and message on our website as well as on Facebook.

B. A few other changes that you will notice:

  1. We will ask that only 1 person and/or family (for those with little ones) enter the restroom at one time.
  2. Hand sanitizer will be available.
  3. We will continue to receive the Offering in our boxes at the back of the sanctuary as well as our “Square” app on the iPad. This along with our Online Giving and “Text” to give will be available so that you can be touch free if you so choose.
  4. We will NOT have any greeters and we ask that ALL people respect others right to their privacy. Please be aware that even though you may want to “hug” or shake hands, the other person may NOT want to. Please err on the side of grace.
  5. Bulletins will be available for you to grab on your own, and hand sanitizer if you would choose to use it.
  6. We will dismiss by the back of the church first.
  7. We will offer coffee but not snacks or food. We will have individualized creamers, sugar packets, and individually wrapped stirrers.

We know that these measures to some may seem extreme, and to others it may seem like not enough. We are living in uncharted waters right now. But what a great time for God’s church to lead the way in showing and giving grace.

Know that the leaders at “Faith Wesleyan Church” have your best interests at heart. We want everyone to know that whether or not they decide to come back right away, or to stay away for a period of time that they are loved and needed. So whether you are a part of us from your home watching online, or if you are here in person. Know that we love you either way and that we “Are” the church. If you have ANY questions or hesitations please do not be afraid to contact the church at (843) 399-2273. No concern is too small.

Go Be the Church,

Pastor Tom Holloway

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